I feel sad.

My brain is replacing you.

You'd been in my head and my heart for nigh on three...

Now a newness steps in and plays through the trips and tricks of synapses that you had planted.

It's still you I thank for this.

My first try at making Onigiri.

I think they are pretty :) They were certainly tasty.

For the record:
sushi rice cooked absorption method, cooled with sushi vinegar added, just a touch.
grabbed about 1/2c of rice with wet hands, made a depression in middle and filled, then covered over with a bit more rice.
filling was mashed avocado with cut up nori, and a small splash of shoyu.
shaped/squished into triangle thingie.
put on rectangle of nori for the 'handle' it stuck to the rice no problems.
picked up and rolled edges in furikake seasoning.
Friend made a random comment on a TV show (no prizes to guess which), which became this:

Huey's cooking with fat adventures
Adventures with fat Huey's cooking
Cooking fat Huey's with adventures
Huey's fat adventures with cooking
Huey's adventures with cooking fat
Fat cooking adventures with Huey's
Cooking fat with Huey's adventures
Huey's with fat cooking adventures
Huey's cooking adventures with fat
Fat adventures with Huey's cooking
Cooking Huey's with fat adventures
Huey's adventures cooking with fat
With Huey's fat cooking adventures
Fat with Huey's cooking adventures
Adventures cooking Huey's with fat
have been drawing.

nothing big. literally very small.

nothing too energy intensive or mind intensive. just pictures. of things.

some blatantly copied!

still, it has amused me to work on such small canvases :)

amber eye on purple face with eyeliner is my favourite.
***Disclaimer: This is probably a piece of crap, since it's past midnight, I just had a shower, and then this weird detective-movie / 'sin city' style voice-over narrative starts in my head. So I just wrote as it spoke, unedited, and kinda... felt a little crazy in the process.

    They were two broken souls, both looking for retribution and salvation from the harshest of circumstance. She'd just been raped. His girlfriend had just killed herself. It was in the eyes, an intense focus on the present reality with no heed for past or future. The eyes weren't thinking, weren't planning two days ahead or wondering what to cook for dinner, they were in the now. Horrifically, pleadingly in the now.
    At first, he could barely speak. Shyness engulfed him, he couldn't even look at her. Did not want to take in her beauty because dammit he was determined never to see beauty again. But in fighting so hard not to notice, he had to admit that he had. She offered him watermelon.
    At first, she could barely move. Feelings of tension gripping her body caused merely by his proximity. Keeping up her guard, she distracted with conversation to stave off the awkwardness of silence. She noticed his shyness, his presence unthreatening yet very alive. He offered her the chance to see him again.
    He was off limits even from the start. There was no chance at anything real, that was part of the charm. Fighting against a world that had shown so much wrong, grasping at the wrongness in a futile attempt to understand it, to be it, to see it and know it. Blasting into the darkness of uncertainty with reckless haste, no plans, not even packing hope.
    They pushed forward with a commendable determination to self destruct. Pushing themselves and each other to exhaustion. The brightest flames burn out fastest, and may God have mercy to make it fast. And in the dreadful corners of pain, stripping back all pretense because what's the fucking point, they dug deep enough to see.
    Precious soul. Shining and pure. For you: It. Will. Be. Alright.

Two souls entwined for salvation.
An angel sent.
Twisted together in their broken web.
It was healing that tore them apart.

I love you, D.
kitchen sink glassware

brown sugar sludge smears blender

dead limes... everywhere

texta marks pale skin

quickly reddens, scrubbing hard

it still wont come off
having a crush is great
to hardly know a person
their self still a puzzle
each new learned piece
is a found treasure



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